IMU (inertial measurement unit) CubeEdit

Imu 0

This HowTo is about assembling the IMU cube. It consists of three gyroscopes (ADXRS610, Sparkfun breakout board) and a two axes accelerometer (ADXL322, Sparkfun breakout board). The sensors are not put directly onto TriGUIDE so that you can use these (expensive) sensors for other projects too.

Additionally, this enables a better isolation against vibrations.

The individual sensors are glued together using cyano. The edges where you put the glue should be slightly sanded before. Please excuse the quality of the images. I have to use a mobile phone to make the pictures.

Imu 1

1: Glue two of the gyroscopes together. Note the blue lines and the positions of the soldering pads.

Imu 2

2: The third gyroscope is added like this. Note the blue lines and the position of the soldering pads.

Imu 3

3: Glue the third gyroscope. Note the blue lines and the position of the soldering pads.

Imu 4

4: Connect GND and +5V of the individual boards. Pay extra attention that the wires don’t touch anything (including the sensor elements).

Imu 5

5: The accelerometer is attached like this. X is nick and Y is roll. I recommend marking these axes somewhere on the outside of the cube too.

Imu 6

6: Glue the accelerometer. Note the blue lines and the position of the soldering pads. Connect +5V and GND of the accelerometer.

Imu 7

7: Attach wires to +5V and GND, as well as to each rate output of the gyroscopes and the X & Y output of the accelerometer (7 wires in total).

Imu 8

8: Close the cube with some pieces of plywood or CFK or whatever you have.

Imu 9

9: This is how the wires have to be connected to the jack. Note that this is a view on top of the TriGUIDE PCB.

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