Servo throw on the transmitter for roll, nick, yaw and throttle should be +-150% (Graupner/ JR) or +- 130% (Robbe/Futaba) on all channels.

No mixers must be activated, all trims must be zero.

Concerning channel 5: You have to connect a 3-stages switch to this channel. It must be configured as a regular channel. That means, if you would connect a servo to channel 5 of your receiver, it should move in one direction when the switch is in position 1 (motors off); the servo should be centered when the switch is in position 2 (acro mode), and it should go to the other direction when your switch is in position 3 (hover mode).

If you aren't sure about your radio settings, please flash the file "Tricopter_ReceiverCheck.hex" to the arduino and check your channels. And read the readme called "ReadMe_ReceiverCheck.txt".

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