The shreddiquette needs Channel 5 of your Receiver to select the flying mode.

HKt6a - switchmod

resistor wiring for three way switch

There are three modes: Motors off, Acro Mode and Hover Mode. To switch between these modes usually a trimmer is used. However switching between flight modes with a three way switch is more comfortable and faster.

For the Hobbyking T6A, the FlySky FS-CT6A, the Excee RC and the Turbotrix TBXT6 the following procedure to replace a trimmer is working:

  1. dismantle the Radio unit and find the trimmers
  2. solder a 2,7k resistor between pin1 and pin 2 and between pin 2 and pin 3 of your new switch (see picture above)
  3. cut or desolder the wires from the trimmer and solder them to the switch (the blue wire has to be at pin 2)
    0000001255 3SiMiPsg36

    three way switch Robbe Futaba F-14

  4. install the switch and put it the way you like and try it.

For the Robbe Futaba F-14 you just need to solder a 82k resistor between pin 2 of the switch and the wire. (see second picture)

A trimmer is measuring the ratio between R_12 and R_23 (see picture).

Just measure the resistance between pin 1 and pin 3 of your trimmer with a multimeter, note the resistance between pin 1 and pin 3 as R_13 and try to solder R_13/2 between pin 12 and pin 23. This should work in most cases.

Now the switcher behaves like the trimmer in each end position and in neutral position

Have fun