Tricopter dlx detail0

This is Willa's first tricopter with the finished controller, this version feateures FVP with a Hero GoPro HD and advanced agility. Willa uses this tricopter for experimental features like position hold via GPS or external webcam and ostacle detection with IR More info: [[1]]


  • Frame: CFK coated balsa wood + CFK tubes + Delrin (POM) hubs & spacers
  • Endurance: 18 minutes
  • Max thrust per motor: 600 g
  • Weight: 628g
  • Payload: ~550g
  • Lift-to-weight ratio: 2.87:1


  • Controller: TriGUIDE mini v2, Atmega328p @ 16 MHz, 5V
  • Gyros: 3*ADXRS610
  • Motors: Scorpion SII-2212-960KV (prototypes)
  • ESC: Tower Pro n18A, modified for digital I2C control
  • Propellers: Maxxprod 10x4.5"
  • Servo: Bluebird BMS-371S
  • Battery: Terahobby 3s, 2200 mAh


Serial data link: Xbee Series 2


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