Shrediquette Vip3r

Vip3r is my second Tricopter after i made some flying experiences with Splint3r, my first tricopter.

With Vip3r I used this experiences and fixed mistakes I made in building splinter.

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  • Tricopter with rear Servo
  • 1,4mm GRP (glass reinforced plastic) aluminium Arms
  • overall wheight: 900g
  • radius (center-motor): 22,5cm


  • Controller: TRIGuide mini by W. Thielicke
  • Gyros: 3x Sparkfun: ADXR610
  • TX/RX: Robbe Futaba F-14
  • Motors: Turnigy TR C2830
  • ESC: Mystery Pentium 30A
  • Propellers: Maxxprod 045
  • Servo: Turnigy TGY-90s (Metal Gear Servo)
  • Battery: Rhino 2100mAh, Turnigy 2200mAh


  • buzzer for low battery warning and receiver problems
  • automatic inflight XY-offset calibration
  • additional 12V output on Controller board


  • Vip3r inflight
  • vip3r2
  • vip3r3
  • vip3r4

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